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Rants from the Creator
Read this stuff, there may even be something useful in it.

April 1st, 2006
Alive! Alive! My creation is ALIVE! Thats right, Dandelion Universes is back!!! After countless revisions, 3 re-paintings, innumerable disruptions, and a flood in my studio that left me unable to work for almost two weeks, I am finally getting back on track, or at least I think I am. Come back next week and see.
Coming soon; more about walker, what happened to Percy and Dinah, and a mysterious observer.
Also in the works; a Character guide and possibly Dandelion Universes T-shirts.

October 10th, 2005
As you may have noticed if you read, I haven’t updated the comic in a while. If you care why, read on, if not enjoy the splash page that walker gets for his introduction and be annoyed because you aren’t getting much this week.
For those of you who do care, I’m going to be in the graphic artist’s guild illustration picture show, so I have been running around like crazy assembling a killer portfolio, it looks really cool, wish I could show you. In addition to that I’m also painting pictures for a children’s book titled “the Fisherman”. Those two big projects, and a few other minor ones, have eaten up all the time I would normally spend working on this comic. However things are getting back to normal, or as close as things get to that around here, so I should be updating on a regular basis again.

August 20th 2005
Please excuse me while I rant and rave a bit.
I looked at the page and felt compelled to rearrange it again, hope you don’t mind. I also have finished the image for my first Wall paper Promo, if you read a lot of web comics you know how these work, donate $5 to help support my comic and I’ll send you cool a wallpaper for your desk top featuring Percy. If I get a lot of support I’ll update more frequently, but seeing as I’m broke and trying to get my illustration career started, things that fill one of those two needs get priority. If you increase my ability to afford art supplies and a place to paint, I’ll be able to paint more pages faster. I’m thinking of doing a Salome wallpaper if this one does well, e-mail me and tell me what you think. But enough begging for money.
Enjoy the comic, things will start getting explained soon, really.

July 31st 2005
I’d like to apologize to my readers for not posting anything last week. I seem to be allergic to something around where I work and it was really awful last week. After trying all week to get the comic done while in a stupor from all the antihistamines I was waking, I finally gave up on Friday, and declared it a lost cause. After resting well over the weekend and the beginning of the week I recovered to a great degree and didn’t fall asleep once while trying to draw this week. So here is this weeks comic.
As stated in my previous rant back in June, the e-mail link works. If there is anything you would like to see up on the site, drop me a line and express your opinion. I’ll be putting up a wall paper promotional to get people to donate to my comic soon as I finish painting it (that’s right, the hand painted comic offers hand painted wall papers to its readers.) so check back, I’m hoping to have it up next week.

June 18th 2005
The comic has been going since February and Finally I’ve added a section for venting my spleen at the universe, well that’s not exactly what this section is for. My intent is to make a format for those individuals who want to know why my comic is late, and why such a slow story as it is only updates once a week can have those questions answered. This section may be expanded beyond it’s current state in the future, but for now you get this little bit..

So here are the answers you crave.
My comic is sometimes late and only updates once a week because I don’t have enough time in a given week to hold a full time job, try to promote my illustration career, and get all the other random things I need done, done while cranking out another hand painted comic page every week. Some things have to give and sometimes there isn’t as much time at the end of the week as I’d like.
As for last week, if you are a regular reader you may have noticed that the comic from last week did not appear until the middle of this week. I apologize for that, there was a minor paint accident, I was just finishing the page (on time) and accidentally spilled black paint on it, running the image (I tried to fix it, but the damage was irreparable and I was forced to repaint it entirely)

E-mail Link
A few weeks ago I put up an e-mail link so that anyone reading this could contact me and express their opinion. No one has. I checked several times, I know the link works, If I have a readership let me know. If you think the comic is good let me know, and tell your friends about it too. If I like your comments I’ll post them on the page, and I’ll probably answer questions. If there is an interest in promotions like the wallpapers that other web comics offer to make you support them, let me know. Mostly I just want to know that there are people out there reading the comic. Contact me, that’s what the link is for.


Donations of $5 or more will receive a copy of this Dandelion Universes Wall Paper. Please e-mail me and specify what size you would like.